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The Finest Fishing Experience

Here at Top Contender fishing charters we strive to provide you with an exceptional fishing and customer experience. We are one of the few charter boats in the area that provides Slow Pitch Jigging Only trips.  We utilize only the best equipment including, Contender boats, Yamaha Outboards, Shimano, Accurate, Penn, Diawa tackle, Simrad Electronics, FLIR thermal imaging for night trips, Global Star satellite phones, EPIRB, 6 Man life raft, Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and other associated Safety Gear.  Since Capt. Long is a former Military and Commercial pilot, he takes weather very seriously.  If for some reason the weather forecast looks unfavorable for a comfortable and safe trip your full deposit will be refunded.  As we used to say in aviation “take offs are optional, landings are mandatory.”  Capt. Paul looks at marine operations in the same way, “departures from the dock are optional, returning is mandatory.”  The safety of customers and crew is always the number one priority and we want your experience to be an epic adventure!  

A Unique Adventure

The mission of Top Contender fishing Charters  is to set the scene for those amazing memories that will keep you reminiscing about your adventure at gatherings, reunions, and around the kitchen table for years to come.


 Travel away from all of the hustle and bustle, and find yourself in a place where some see life more clearly than ever before.

Whether your goal is to make memories with family and friends, to experience something different in life, to find yourself, or just to see what you can catch out of the depths of the sea, there is something for everyone with Top Contender Charters. To make your charter the greatest deep sea fishing trip of your life, check out these planning tips, and we’ll meet you behind the boat on the morning that you have scheduled your adventure!


Loved by
Friends & Families

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